Rumah Adat Batak Karo

23 02 2007


         North Sumatra covers an area of 70,687 sq. km.  It is known for its large share of argicultural products.
         Medan is the capital city of the province.  It is the largest city in Sumatra and the third largest city in   Indonesia. The native people of this province are the Bataks. Other ethnic groups who live here  including Javanese, Acehnese, Arabians, Riau Islanders, Chinese, Indians, and Melayus.  These people  migrated to North Sumatra to seek fortune given that the province has a lot of commercial activities and plantations.
         Some of the major sites of interest in the province are Gang Bangkok Mosque (Medan’s oldest mosque),  Parisada Hindu Dharma Temple,  Vihara Gunung Timur, the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches.  In addition,  the capital city of Medan  has several  buildings that were constructed in the colonial-style architecture.  These buildings  include the general post office and the Dutch Church.  

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